Filigree production at the Isle of Juist Goldsmiths

Nowadays there are only a few workshops remaining in Germany's East Friesland where traditional East Frisian filigree jewellery is made by hand.

The Isle of Juist Goldsmiths is one of them.

Here you can find the old filigree designs as well as our own designs which keep to the tradition. If you wish, you may view your individually tailored jewellery being made.

Very few goldsmiths allow people to watch closely while they work.

You can do this on Juist.


During the summer months we run filigree demonstrations every 14 days.

We invite interested customers to watch us while we work and ask any questions.

Many of our customers decide in favour of a piece of jewellery which displays traditional filigree technique in a new design, for example with flawless, white diamonds or exquisite inkstones.

However it is always the finest handcrafted jewellery in 18-carat gold which feels obliged to keep to the tradition.